Despite my limited experience in foot fetish, I get turned on getting foot massages. I look forward to giving and receiving foot rubs. To take it a step furture, I kiss and suck on toes, both during foreplay, and lifting and wrapping my legs around my partner’s shoulders as we penetrate so we may kiss and lick them during sex. I highly recommend foot jobs. If you’re ready to really get into it, start by gliding your feet partner’s shaft. Using lube or massage oil, to venture into a complete footjob, use the grip of your toes as you would your fingers with a handjob, or push the soles of your feet together and slide them up and down, and try alternating methods. It will probably be a bit awkward your first time, finding the right position, foot cramps, but laugh it off and have fun with the experience. A great position is to sit across from them, naked, so they may see and admire your body while you play. Oh, and unless your partner is turned on by smelliness, just make sure you’ve showered somewhat recently. Some men speak of perfectly pedicured toes, so make sure your nail polish is not chipped. Of course everyone is entitled to a level of privacy, but I would so much rather get to know and love all aspects of my partner, both the good and the grimy. If you’re not open with your foot fetish, or whatever turns you on with your lover, how will you ever explore or experience them together? Hiding sexual desires can lead to resentment, distance, and cheating. Another reader emailed me he had heard the words “freak” and “disgusting” when talking about foot fetishes. To that dear reader, fuck em’, those just aren’t the right women for you. Continue to be your true self with those you trust, and one day you will find your princess, and she will let you lovingly let you kiss her toes until the sun comes up.