My name is Samanta. I have been married for almost two years. I am very blessed as my husband really cares for me, and provides me with a nice and comfortable life. Recently, we experienced with swinging. We tried few swing clubs and after mostly watching, we got brave enough and lightly experiment. It was during our swinging experiment that I noticed my husband specially gets aroused when another man touches me. Because we are so close to each other, he confided in me and expressed that swinging does not interest him as much as being in a cuckold experience. At first, I felt bad, for having all the fun, but later realized that my pleasure brings enjoyment for my hubby. So our new fetish now is inviting guys over that we meet on for a cuckold session. My husband very politely introduces him self to the guy and makes sure the guy knows he is ok with this. He then watches as I make my move and unzip the guy. My husband stays quietly sitting in the corner as he jacks off. And I enjoy having sex in all sorts of positions in front of my husband. I have to admit I first did it for him, but now I can’t stop. It turns me on so much that I look forward to the next session and the next one. I am currently speaking with my faithful husband, to lick me my pussy and ass after sex. So far, he is been too shy to do that in front of the guy, but has no problem eating me out after the guy leaves. I will keep you posted, to our progress, on this fetish. It’s my hope that he gets the courage to touch me which I am having sex with a stranger and participate. After all, I am his wife.