• My Transformation
    I have found my partner in crime on As a new comer, it took no time for emails to appear on my inbox and after few dates, I met up with a prince charming. He enjoys blind folding me and using me as he pleases. We are now inseparable and enjoy going to BDSM clubs. We are like two kids in a playground. Thanks for transforming me to a fetish woman that craved to be all my life. If you are a new commer to BDSM, Fetish I highly recommend joining FetDig for free.
  • Gothic Bitch
    My name is Nina and on weekends and special weeknights, I become a gothic bitch. I joined FetDig to explore my fantasies'. I was a regular to Hollywood Club named BarSinister, but it takes too much effort to find my victims. I am pleased to say, that I now make better use of my time, and have a blast dressing up and acting my Gothic Bitch super hero. I love the feel of wearing leather and handcuffing my victim before I seduce them. I appreciate for making the site totally free. How cool!
  • My Special Fetish
    For years, I was in the closet and ashamed of my special fetish. I tried to hide it, sweep it under the rug but to no avail. I am a high power attorney and I came across I figured why don't I see if I can find someone that appreciates a sub slave man that only craves to please his mistress. It didn't take long for me to start getting emails from attractive and experienced mistresses that loved to have a slave boy like me please them. Thank you FetDig for providing this oppertunity for me to rediscover myself and my special fetish.